Past Project

Project Name: Promoting Youth Power against Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Nepal

Funding Partner: Caritas Italiana / GSIF Italy

Project Period: 2016-2019 

Location: Kathmandu Valley

Project Name: Improving Access to Water, Sanitation and Healthcare in Nepal

Funding Partner: Caritas Italiana/ GSIF Italy 

Project Period: 2016-2018

Location: Gorkha

Project Name: Emergency Relief Support to Flood Victims 

Funding Partner: Caritas Italiana and Good Shepherd International Foundation, Italy / Hilton fund for sisters 

Project Period: 2017-2018

Location: Morang and Sunsari

Project Name: Improve Emergency Access to Medical Care and Availability of Drugs for the Earthquake-Affected Population of Gorkha District

Funding Partner:  Shepherd International Foundation-Italy, Unicef, INTERSOS, 

Project Period: June-Sep., 2015

Location: Gorkha