Research Reports :

Reintegration of trafficking survivors in family/community: Approaches and practices in Nepal Research Report 2022
A study on Community-Based Surveillance/ Vigilance Mechanisms against Human Trafficking in Nepal Research Report 2022

Community Based Anti Human Trafficking Training Manual 2079

Start and Improve Your Own Business Manual 2079
Leadership Training Manual 2079
Life Skills Training Manual 2079

Awareness Materials:

Message on Prevention of Human Trafficking
Child Safeguarding Poster in English
Child Safeguarding Poster in Nepali

Message on Safe Migration
16 Days Campaign Against Gender Based Violence
Unity is Strength
OVN Brochure
Success Stories

Events and Activities:

International Women's Day 2023
International Women’s Day 2023
OVN Silver Jubilee
OVN Silver Jubilee
World Day Against Child Labour 2023