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Covi-19 Crisis Response
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We believe in investment in knowledge pays the best interest
Stories of Change
Working towards gender equality and domestic violence through skill development Upliftment of Women
Keeping the body and mind healthy with Recreational Activities on frequent basic. Child Protection Home RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES
Preventing Human Trafficking Cross Border Anti-Human Trafficking Project – Rupandehi Anti-Human Trafficking
Collaboration with Stakeholders Annual Project Inception and Coordination meeting with the inclusion of different stakeholders Opportunity Village Nepal Consultation with
Local Consultation with Youth Project for youth empowerment

About Us

Shuba Awasar Gram Nepal /Opportunity Village Nepal (OVN) is a Nepali non-governmental organization (NGO), registered at the District Administration Office, Kathmandu in 1998. It is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council, the regulatory body of the Government of Nepal. The Executive Committee having 9 members is the principal executive structure of the OVN that ensures the delivery and implementation of the General Assembly (GA)’s decisions and resolutions within the overall policy framework defined by the GA. The committee annually reviews and provides feedback on the overall progress, plans, and corresponding budgets of different programme areas and projects. It advocates for the rights of women and children, their economic and social justice, prevention of child labor, human trafficking and promotion of girl child education. The organization has been actively responding since post-earthquake 2015 delivering diverse types of services to the most affected population through rescue, relief, medical assistance, psycho-social intervention and rehabilitation work.

Our Latest Causes

8. Food Materials Distribution jointly by OVN and Ward Office during Pandemic in Rohini rural municipality, ward No-2

Stories of Change

Through donations of old belongings,collection drive donating groceries,eatables, fundraising, financial help and social media,we provide help to those people who are in extreme need. Specifically, during hard times of flood and Covid-19 we reached out to many families across Nepal.


Support a Child


“Absence of a father brings silence, while the absence of a mother feels like a void. Yet, the longing for the warmth of a loving family is far harder to overcome than the hunger for food. We are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment for those in need, offering them a sense of belonging akin to that of a family.”

Improving Lives: Past Projects


Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”. We ensure that every child that we care gets good education and trainings.

What People Say About Us

“Rekha Dahal”
``OVN Nepal has brought positive outlook in my life and enabled me to enjoy my right to education.``
“Srijana Bhujel”
`` I am very thankful to Good Shepherd Sisters for providing economic and support through OVN to set up my goal of life``
“Sushmita B.K.”
`` Child Protection Home run by Opportunity Village brought back everything like care, love and affection, education, shelter, safety, security and homely environment in my life.``

Our Sponsors & Partners

We have partnered with multiple organizations around the globe to support our mission.

Our Missions

Marginalized peoples, women, youth and children affected or at risk are empowered to participate in the process of social change

Marginalized and vulnerable women, youth and children fully enjoy their basic Human Rights and live in dignity and reconciliation.

Restore human dignity and worth of vulnerable children, youth and women at risk and establishing a community that is free from human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Nepal


Galley showcasing some of our work

Our Stories of Change

Our work have touch many lives and brought positive changes in their lives through multiple projects, in multiple domain across the Nepal

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We are a transparent organization contributing to social works through donations.